Baseball: Back and Better than Ever!

By: Drew English

As I reflect back to my childhood my mind is full, fond memories of how much I loved the game of baseball take over me. I remember spending my entire Saturdays at my local Little League. I would play in my games, play pickle with my friends, and cap the day off with a hotdog and a soda. I would plan my day around so I could be back to my house right in time for the 7:05pm Yankee game. I used to turn on the YES Network channel and if the game wasn’t on there my next stop was ESPN, FOX, and WB11 (I think that is what is was called), in that specific order. And if my investigative work had failed me and I couldn’t find the game, a feeling of frustration would set me off. I would wake up and hour earlier than I needed to get up for school to watch MLB Network, just so I can keep up with what happened the night before. I couldn’t stay up for those late night west coast games they were past my bedtime.

Gradually I started to lose interest in watching the game on television it was too long, tedious, and boring to me. Don’t get me wrong I loved to play baseball and watch it in person, but something about watching on TV didn’t seem to do the game justice. It got to the point where I would maybe watch one World Series or Wildcard game a year if I was in the mood. This all changed this year as this has been the most exciting MLB season in recent years. I am glad to declare that baseball is officially back. A season full of tons of home runs, huge trades, and exciting playoff runs for teams in major cities has sparked a baseball renaissance.

This season was indeed the “year of the home run” with 6,104 dingers in total, smashing the previous record of 5,693 set during the 2000 season. We saw Giancarlo Stanton crush 59 homers and rookie sensation Aaron Judge captivate Yankee fans and MLB fans alike with his 52 moonshots. As if this wasn’t exciting enough the trade deadline was full of huge trades. Justin Verlander, Yu Darvish, and Sonny Gray were among the top starting pitchers dealt midseason. Valuable hitters like Todd Frazier, Neil Walker, and Jay Bruce swapped teams as well.

All of this set up for a fantastic postseason where the final four teams belonged to the four largest cities and sport markets in America. It was important to reestablish baseball in the largest cities because it stimulates public interest and TV ratings, helping the sport. We saw a very exciting World Series with the most home runs in World Series history and an excellent Game 5 which was one of the greatest games I have ever seen.

After all of this my perspective on baseball has completely changed. I am reinvigorated with the sport and cannot wait till next season. The sport I used to love so dearly is back and I couldn’t be any happier.


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